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That Bangdae q&a was cute~ I'll request a Bangdae drabble if you guys are accepting!


^_^ Thank you i’m glad you liked it! hmm bangdae… shall we then haha let’s see what my brain comes up with.

"Thanks again for treating me Hyung." Daehyun said to Yongguk on their way home from the late night ramen shop.

"It’s no problem. You were hungry so it was better you got actual food in you and not the snacks we have in the fridge."

"Yeah… but you didn’t have to pay." Daehyun chuckled nervously. 

Yongguk shrugged. 

Daehyun licked his lips and looked at the scenery they were passing. It was the time of night that people started going home from the bars and club drunk. This had been the one night that the boys had been allowed to sleep early and they had tried to take advantage, well, all of them but Yongguk who had stayed at the studio to play around with the rhythm that had been plaguing his mind that day. It was when Yongguk had finally come home that he caught Daehyun in the midst of sneaking midnight snacks, or as Yongguk said enough food to feed a whole kindergarten class.

Daehyun hadn’t expected Yongguk to suggest going out for another meal nor that he would pay but how could Daehyun turn down his long time crush… or food? They had pleasant conversation most of the time but lulls in the conversation always seemed to be awkward and heavy between the two. Even now, walking in silence back to the dorm, the air was thick between them, and Daehyun didn’t know why. He just wished he could talk to Yongguk normally like everyone else, but his big mouth always failed him when it came to Yongguk.

Daehyun cleared his throat to ease the start of the conversation. “You were at the studio late tonight…”

Yongguk laughed. “This is the time I normally get back.”

"Oh… how is the song coming?"

"Really good actually, I think you’ll like it." Yongguk smiled. They had finally reached their dorm and were walking up the stairs to the second floor.

Daehyun laughed. “How many times do I have to hit a high note this time? Or where you thinking of letting Jongup cover some of them?”

Yongguk frowned. “I wasn’t thinking of letting Jongup have many.”

"Huh? Why not? The kid has been working really hard." Daehyun questioned as Yongguk unlocked their door.

"Because I like your voice— I mean not to say I don’t like Jongup’s voice but, I just…yeah let’s just go inside." Yongguk quickly walked inside. Daehyun blinked in surprise but was quick to follow as a huge smile spread across his face.

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chansoo’s beautiful relationship.

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jeongguk staring at taehyung

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